Monday, September 24, 2007

August and September Spinning

Yarn School is almost here! I thought I should get a little practice in before I go, and make room for any new fiber I get while there.

I spun this yarn as a single a while ago, with the plan to ply it with beads. I had a small ball and a larger one, so I practiced on the smaller. Good thing I did, since I totally suck at it.

A few months ago I joined the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, and hadn't actually spun any of the fiber. It's so pretty, I didn't want to mess it up! So here is my first attempt at making a big fluffy thick and thin yarn plied with thread. Colorway is Cricket.

This did not turn out very pretty. I had a hard time getting the tension right on the thread, and it kept breaking.

Next up was a more successful attempt with Thistle. I wanted a stripy, sproingy two-ply with some solid color stripes. This one I am happy with! It's so soft and pretty, if only I had MORE! Like enough for a sweater or poncho!

The last little bit of spinning I did was this tiny bit of alpaca we got at Yarn School last year. It's soft and lovely, but there is probably only enough to make a cat toy.
In other spinning news, my poor wheel is a little broken. The new part is on the way, but as it is I can only spin on the largest whorl of the bobbin, and the new bulky flyer and bobbin set I got is acting cranky with it. Bummer. I really didn't want to spend Yarn School fumbling around with a crap wheel.

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