Monday, September 24, 2007

September Sewing

I've had this pattern for several years and always liked it's childish looks. Now that I work in the children's department of a library and the most perfect fabric came into my life, I had to make it.

After I got 'help' from my bad kitty
This is how it turned out:

I think it's cute! One thing I didn't realize about the pattern until after I had already cut it out is that the back is lapped, and therefore flaps open when I walk. :o I guess that's why panties were included in the pattern! My fix was to wear another skirt I made last year under it. At some point in the future I'll probably sew up the back seam, but for now, especially in chilly weather, the added layer is okay.

Here's a closeup of the adorable Japanese fabric, sent to me from Jodi:

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