Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad Blogger

November completely flew by, with barely a post from me. We went to New York, so my crafting time was a little limited. I had to work extra days to get all my hours in, then as soon as we got back I had to prepare for Thanksgiving.

I did make a poncho, a scarf, and a necklace.

The poncho is made with Hello Yarn, and I just kind of made up the pattern. It is my current favorite item of clothing. I wear it constantly at home, and at least once-twice a week at work. I need to hurry and make another one, so I won't be so boring!

I made this scarf to give to my grandmother. The pattern is "Flying V" from Exquisite Little Knits. I used yarn called Granbia that Jodi sent from Japan. The colors are so beautiful I want to keep it for myself!

I made this necklace from bits and pieces of vintage/thrifted jewelry. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Those are pearls in between the pink beads, and they have a really interesting patina. I used to make a lot of jewelry in high school, and over the years I've amassed quite a collection of random stuff. I'm glad I finally have time to make a things every once in a while. I made this to go with a pink silk skirt, and it matched perfectly!

Hopefully after the December I'll have more fun things to post. Don and I are going to Hawaii in two days, and I'm taking knitting for the flight there and back. I hope to finish hats for my grandfather and his dad, and possibly start on the baby gift for my sister. She's not due until mid January, so I have a little bit of time (hopefully baby won't be early!)

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