Saturday, October 28, 2006

October Sewing

Because of Yarn School and my sewing machine need a new foot control, I didn't do much sewing this month. I really loved the denim wrap skirt I made, and immedietly upon finishing it I started rummaging through the fabric stash to see if I had enough to make anouther skirt. I had some left-over corduroy, and with a little creative cutting and piecing together of the fabric I made this:

It is kind of lumpy and not as attractive as the denim one. I'll probably still wear it, but only with a baggy sweater covering the waist.

The other skirt I made was much improved. It's Simplicity 4703 done in a brown cotton twill. It is my current favorite skirt - very comfortable and wearable for work and home. This is a pretty good shot of what the pleats look like:

I adore pleats, and this pattern has six! variations! I forsee making a few more service skirts like this soon, especially now that I bought the fancy invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine. I think they are much easier to put in and look better than the other kind. Although, what's best is no zipper. I've been working on a pleated skirt design with buttons instead of a zipper. It could work!


Marji said...

cute skirt - love the pleats. Absolutely a button or snap placket could work in lieu of a zipper. Have you tried the plastic snaps? Those things hold like iron.

Marissa said...

I haven't tried the plastic snaps. I was given a ton of notions by an elderly lady who couldn't sew anymore, so I've been trying to use all that up before buying new. But maybe I will try the snaps, if they are totally awesome and I can avoid a buttonhole.