Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Overdue October Post

November is halfway done, and I haven't posted my October update yet. It's amazing how quickly time can go by, especially when you don't have a job. That's right, I QUIT MY JOB!! I had a very good eight years working for the library, but it was high time I move along to the next phase of my life. Hopefully you will see an announcement here about the awesome new business I open within the next 6 - 12 months!

So the name of the blog doesn't really fit anymore, what to do??

I did not sew at all last month. I have a few patterns picked out, beautiful fabric, the desire for new clothes, but it just didn't happen. I still want to try the current Sew Retro challenge, and have two patterns that I've already tried to make work. It will take more fiddling, I think.

How awesome is this wiki for vintage patterns? I think it's so very awesome that it's going to be part of my 2008 Uberlist to add a few entries. It could be a corollary to my Sew Retro projects: review the pattern I sew.

I really, really need to set up a sewing space again. Pending renovations, parties, holiday gatherings and general stuff has my whole house in flux. I've been doing laundry for ages, which really cuts into craft time. About the only thing I can focus on now is dishcloths. I'm making a stack and will gift as necessary. They are practical and, I think, cute. Hopefully a welcome gift!

I've done a few other gift knitting projects, but I want to keep them a surprise for now. :)

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Zoe said...

the knitting looks so lovely! I love all the pics on flickr too!