Monday, October 16, 2006


I've been busy all month and haven't posted at all. Shameful!

I had been steadily working on stuff for the first week and a half of the month, then my sewing machine broke. Damn you, Bernina, for not selling parts online! My foot control went wonky, which put a crimp in my list of things to finish before Yarn School. Yes, Yarn School! Hooray!

For pictures of Yarn School, click here. I really learned a lot, even if I didn't successfully make yarn with the spinning wheel. It's being shipped to me, so as soon as I get it I will start practicing again. I brought enough fiber home with me to work with the drop spindle, which is a good way to practice drafting.

Before I left I was sewing a bit. My favorite finished item is the denim wrap skirt. I got the pattern from It's pretty straightforward, but be warned: if you make the large, measure the pieces against your body. You might want to make a practice one. I had to lengthen the ties a lot and add a belt loop in the back. Other than that I think the first one turned out cute. Here is the inside: The shape is nice and it's very easy to wear. No chance of it flying open and exposing anything. I do think I need to make it a little shorter for winter. I have a corderoy version I'm working on now* and it's a little cuter with tights underneath if it's knee length, I think.

*I thought I had finished it, but I forgot about making the ties longer, and they don't go all the way around my waist. Fixing this is on my to-do list for this week cause it is getting chilly and my wardrobe isn't prepared at all!

I bought some dark brown fabric and some navy blue fabric. From the navy I'm making a smock top View C from I'm going to make it shorter, just a few inches below above my hips. I think it will be cute to layer it with long-sleeve shirts or sweaters and wear over skirts.
The brown fabric will be used with a skirt pattern I bought a couple of years ago but haven't ever made. I think it should not cause too many problems, as long as I get the pleats straight.

I've also been cooking. Tonight I made a feast of Indian food, but was way too hungry to take any pictures. Here are a few things I've made that I took pictures of. Click the pictures for more info!

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