Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekend stuff.

Potato Kale Soup is probably one of my top favorite soups ever. We've been getting lovely potatoes in our CSA basket and last week we got the first bunch of kale, so time to make soup! The recipe is very simple - just saute onions and garlic until soft, add chopped potatoes and either water or stock, cook until done. Meanwhile, wash, chop and steam kale. When the potatoes are done, puree 1/4 - 1/2 (or all of it for a super smooth soup) and add kale. Be sure to add lots of salt, I think this one is better a little on the salty side.

Then, since my roommate bought bananas and didn't eat them, and I hate letting food go to waste, I made banana bread. Recipe here. I think I originally got it from Adrian.

Last night was the monthly library knitting party. We've been getting together for about 2 years now. Each month is hosted by a different member. This month Carrie hosted, and I got to meet her charming roommate Claire. We drank a lot fo wine and I messed up my knitting. Doh! I totally forgot I was supposed to be adding some increases on the sleeve. Oh well, there is a new knitting group started that is open to the public and meets at the library on Monday, so I might check it out and try to repair the damage. Today I'm going to try to repair my liver.

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