Thursday, August 31, 2006

A list of things I want to do.

  • Pinwheel for Cher. This might get taken off the list. She is one of our CSA farmers, and I'd like to make her something, but the pinwheel might be overly ambitious for the timeframe.
  • Poncho with new HY.
  • Capelet with old HY.
  • Take apart cream and green scarf and re-knit.
  • Soakers for my nephew (due in January so I have time.)
  • Do something with jungle bolero so I can actually wear it.
  • Finish Ballet Wrap Sweater.
  • Make a few more dishcloths.
  • Recycle grey yarn from Don's sweater and make a skirt.
  • Circle skirt with orange kimono fabric.
  • Duro with purple kimono fabric.
  • Winter dress with green silk bolt.
  • 40's dress with red and white dot fabric.
  • Secret xmas gifts (7-8?)
  • Red silk slip/undergarments.
  • Cat pillows using moth eaten sweaters.
  • Wrap around apron.
  • Fix denim skirt. *I actually made a whole new one that is way better than the old!*
  • Sort mending box and mend! (I've had that box full of stuff for over 2 years, I may not want to even bother with some of it.)
  • Organize credenza.
  • Line hall closet with cedar, add shelves, sort and put away all sweaters.
  • Build shoe and purse cubbies for bedroom closet.
  • Re-organize pantry so it doesn't get junked up so quickly.
  • Clean basement.
  • Set up sewing area. (sort of - I have a working system, at least, which is a start!)
  • Finish containerizing craft room.
  • Hang up printer shelf in basement.
  • Have a yard sale.
  • Donate all unsold yard sale things.
  • Have business cards printed.
  • Start research on starting a business.
  • Sell some stuff on ebay.

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