Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year Organization

It's the new year, and I've been thinking about the Uberlist. I'm mostly done, and a lot of it involves organizing the supplies for various crafts. This is a recurring theme in my lists, which is so perplexing.

There has to be a way for everything to be organized, and in a way that is easy to maintain. Every year I try to find the answer, since even the most thought-out and purchased-for plans seem to fall apart after a short time. I recently came across a photo of one of my first attempts to get my sewing crap together:

Susie is checking out my stash of the plastic zipper bags that bedding is packaged in. I was using them to containerize sewing stuff. In the background is a plastic box with more stuff.

This pretty much fell apart the minute I needed a few items. I'm pretty sure I'd work cleaner with small drawers rather than big boxes. The search is on for furniture! Suggestions are welcome!


zoey said...

maybe we should go thrift store shopping for furniture?

HollyG said...

I'm on the hunt for a card catalog to store my bits and pieces. How about one of those?

Marissa said...

Zoe, that's a brilliant idea, and is actually another item on the Uberlist: to go thrift store shopping at least once a month!

Holly, I'd love one of those old card catalogs, but they are $$! Also, you can't fit a fabric stash in those tiny drawers. ;)