Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mardi Gras Crafting

It's glitter and sequin time again! This year our Krewe's theme involves wearing masks. Don wears glasses, so I decided to make him a mask that would fit over an old pair so he can see while we parade. Aren't I nice!

I started out with a store-bought plastic mask. I enlarged the eyeholes a bit so it would slip over his glasses. Then I cut out a beard and eyebrows from craft foam and hot-glued them to the mask. This was followed by two coats of acrylic paint.

After the paint I added two coats of glitter glue.

This was followed with some extra Mardi Gras bead flair.

The men of the Krewe were asked to dress like Bacchus, so I also made him a headpiece with plastic grapes and grape leaves, some feathers, and more beads. Here is the finished look:

You can see the where the mask attaches to glasses better in this photo:

We are a pretty Krewe, which means we have to drink from pretty bottles. Here are the ones I made for us and a couple of friends.

More photos of the bottles here.

I'll post more pictures when we get home of full costumes and fun!

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