Friday, September 15, 2006


I've always loved fashion. As a small child, I'd encourage my mom to buy Vogue instead of Good Housekeeping. Now, I'm by no means an everyday stylish type of person, but I do occasionally try to look cute and I do keep up on trends. I found a group on Flickr called Wardrobe_Remix, where people post pictures of their outfits. Not just any outfit, but the ones that make you feel good. There are a lot of uber-trendy hipster types there, but there are also people like me, who dress more mainstream. Working at the library means I can be kind of creative with my clothing, but above all it has to be comfortable for standing on my feet all day and crawling on the floor picking up books. Here are a couple of outfits I've worn this week, as an example.

Notice the knee-lenght skirts, and the long sleeves. I've tried wearing shorter skirts beacuse I think I look better in them, but I hate feeling like I'm showing my ass every time I retrieve a book from the bottom shelf. It's always chilly in the library, so I usually have a jacket or sweater around. Both of these outfits feature items I'll wear year round by adding a long-sleeved shirt or tights and different shoes.

I try to buy clothes that are incredibly versatile and not too trendy. I like to buy sweatshop-free, which somewhat limits my choices. I do buy a lot of stuff from thrift stores, at which point I don't bother worrying about labels since I'm re-using.

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