Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Planning

This year I really need to update my closet. I've outgrown most of my favorite skirts, and what I have left are mostly crap or wool. As much as I love wool, I'm finally admitting that I hate it for skirts and pants. It makes me way too itchy and uncomfortable to be worth it, even if I wear tights and slips underneath. Also, I realized I have almost no casual clothes. Just one pair of jeans which I need to replace this year.

So on my agenda for the next couple of weeks is a storm of sewing. I know I want to make the following:

- Brown knee length skirt out of heavy cotton with a couple of pleats
- A-line denim skirt
- Several floor length skirts, corduroy and something else - maybe use the tablecloth material
- One nice dress from the green kimono fabric
- Slips and camisoles

Additional patterns I'd like to make:

(oops, I need to figure out how to rotate the pictures!)


ingrid said...

What lovely patterns. The second one is especially nice.

smelk-o-matic said...

You have the coolest/cutest blog! Dang!!!


Marissa said...